Baltimore Transportation for Seniors

Transportation Options for Older Adults and Senior Citizens

The ability to travel around town, going where we want or need to go whenever we need or choose to, is a freedom most of us enjoy. We take for granted that we can hop on a bus, hail a taxi, or get behind the wheel of our automobile to drive whenever we want to. But for the growing number of the elderly population, who would rather remain at their home instead of moving to an assisted living or nursing home facility, once routine outings such as going to the store, the library, a doctor’s appointment, or even to the mall for shopping or a movie can present daily challenges. As we age, driving may not be an option for many of us, and we need to find other methods for getting to and from our daily activities.

Transportation is crucial to ensure access to essential services such as grocery shopping and medical care. The availability of adequate transportation enables older persons to live independently in their own communities, helps to prevent isolation and the possible need of long-term care placement, rather than remaining at home instead. Many older people, who do not drive, must rely on family and friends to provide much of their transportation. Others must find community resources to provide transportation, as this vital support service may be their only connection to the outside world.

Bunny’s Home Care enables folks to maintain their independence at home instead of relying on family members or having to relocate to an assisted living or nursing home facility.

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