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That is when Bunny’s Home Care can step in and provide the support to help maintain a loved one’s quality of life.

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Our Needs For Care Change As We Get Older.

Our needs for care change as we get older. For some folks, those evolving needs include support in the home for a wide range of services, including medical monitoring, personal hygiene care, and meal planning.

Family members can help with that support, but not at all times. That is when Bunny’s Home Care can step in and provide the support to help maintain a loved one’s quality of life. We’re an experienced and licensed Owings Mills home care agency with a simple mission: To honor the people who deserve it most. We offer a wide range of services customized to the individual’s needs. Here are a few of the services we can provide with our skilled nursing staff

Home Care

Compassionate certified nursing assistants and geriatric nursing assistants provide our home care support. That is the team who can help your elderly loved one with some of the following: Home care support allows seniors to maintain their current lifestyles while keeping them safe and keeping their dignity intact.

Daily food preparation

Monitored eating


Medication reminders


for shopping and errands

Personal hygiene care

Companionship Care

Companion care can take many forms. It can mean transitioning to an assisted living facility, long-term care, or a nursing home. These facilities provide around-the-clock supervision and medical monitoring of the residents.

Bunny’s Home Care applies those same companionship care standards of a facility and applies them to a person’s home. That allows your loved one to stay in an environment that feels safe and familiar to them while having dedicated care.

Our companion care services also provide the family with daily updates about their loved one’s condition and activity levels. That is the kind of information that brings peace of mind.

Companionship care services can include all of the following:

Light housekeeping

Transportation for the doctor, dentist, and ophthalmologist appointments

Transportation to grocery and drug stores

Medication reminders

Meal planning and

Socialization with games, hobbies, and TV viewing

Approved exercises such as stretches and walking

Live-in Care

Sometimes, an individual’s needs exceed the benefits of daily visits and require full-time live-in care. In addition to all the care services mentioned above, live-in care provides an added level of safety and security.


The goal is always to respect a client’s privacy and self-sufficiency. But we also want to ensure the home is safe at night and there aren’t any accidental wanderings away from the property.


Live-in care reinforces the notion of aging in place. This type of care allows clients to continue living in a home that means so much to them.

Specialized Care Services

Beyond Bunny’s Home Care’s daily care services, we can also provide specialized care services. These can be considered enhanced services for clients with severe medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Specialized care services can also provide support for clients with Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis. There can also be a need to support clients recovering from strokes, surgical procedures, or cancer treatment. There might also come a time when the family and doctors of a client recommend hospice care. Again, our trained staff can step in to provide that level of support for the client and for the family.

The Benefits of Home Healthcare


Aging in place allows for a loved one to continue living in the home they know. It is a familiar setting where friends and family can maintain relationships. When Owings Mills home care is added to the equation, aging in place becomes a viable option.


Home healthcare can also support clients who need temporary assistance when recovering from surgery or an accident. When a person recovers in their home, that recovery can go much smoother.


Choosing home healthcare is a decision that the whole family should make together. Those discussions can include meeting with our staff, so you will be able to interview the actual persons who will be helping your loved one.


We will always strive to meet the client's needs while providing them comfort, dignity, and independence.

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