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That is when Bunny’s Home Care can step in and provide the support to help maintain a loved one’s quality of life.

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As our parents head into their twilight years

As our parents head into their twilight years, many will likely need around-the-clock care. In fact, according to the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, around 28 million people will need home care by 2050.Those numbers are intimidating, but an exemplary home care operation in your corner can help you manage things. That’s why Bunny’s Home Care was founded to help those who need extra care and resources. Seniors and their families in Towson, MD, who need home care can count on us to keep them safe, handle any medical issues, and provide companionship.Bunny’s Home Care is about respecting and honoring those who deserve it the most. So let’s show you how we accomplish that.

Home Care for Towson, MD Seniors

By 2030, the United States will be dealing with issues in the long-term care of the Baby Boomer generation as they continue to enter their senior years. Several studies have indicated how we deliver care and services to the elderly must change as the Boomers age.

Bunny’s Home Care is one organization looking to change home care services to those needing them.

With an army of certified nursing assistants and geriatric nursing assistants dedicated to the care and compassion of helping the elderly, Bunny’s can offer more than just medication management. We assist the elderly in every aspect of their in-home lives, from living arrangements, dressing, hygiene, eating, and even shopping.

As their independence becomes less secure, Bunny’s team looks to ensure that seniors remain empowered to help themselves as they transition to less active lifestyles.





Companionship Care for Towson, MD Seniors

As the population ages, many seniors lose some of the friends and family members they have relied upon for friendship and companionship for decades. It’s an unfortunate fact.

Companionship care is all about compassion and understanding. We understand that seniors prefer independence and being able to handle things on their own. Still, Bunny’s Home Care is about honoring that independence while providing aid that doesn’t feel forced. Our goal with each client is to ensure their loved ones receive the highest quality care possible without making them feel like they are a burden. 

Medication Management Care for Seniors in Towson, MD

Managing a group of medications designed to keep your loved one’s mind and body functioning can be a tall task for anyone easily intimidated by medicine.

Bunny’s team is a group of experienced nursing professionals who know what your loved one is taking, when they are taking it, and how often they need to take it.

Live-In Care for Seniors in Towson, MD

Sometimes a senior needs more than just a visitor. When life becomes complicated enough to need live-in care for your senior, Bunny’s Home Care is ready and able to make it happen.


Our live-in care services go above and beyond others, starting with respect, honor, and admiration for seniors. While live-in care may reduce your senior’s independence, we work with them to provide help and quality care.


Live-in care also provides a higher level of security if your loved one needs around-the-clock medicine, care, and monitoring. Compassion is the highest principle of our work, and we work to provide seniors privacy, self-sufficiency, and considerate care.

Specialized Care Services for Seniors in Towson, MD

Bunny’s Home Care has a team that becomes deeply invested in the lives of those we serve. You’re not hiring a nurse to provide care for your loved one – you’re gaining a trusted friend and confidant who can do what is necessary to help. Our caregivers provide social opportunities for seniors – whether it’s a conversation over a morning cup of coffee, a trip to the local senior center for more social interaction, and even light housekeeping.

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If you need someone to help with the long-term care of your senior, Bunny’s Home Care is ready, willing, and able to provide the level of compassionate care all our seniors deserve. Contact us today to learn how we can help you and your loved one navigate the years ahead. We’re ready. Are you?