Important Information You Must Know About Assisted Living Baltimore County

Whenever we talk about assisted living in the Baltimore County area, what is the first thing that comes in your mind? More than just knowing that it can be an adult congregate care, residential care, and housing, or domiciliary care, what are the other knowledge that you have about assisted living?

Have you ever considered living in one of these residences with health care options when you reach the age of 80? Do you see yourself as someone who is receiving medical assistance such as medication or alternating skilled nursing care? If you can no longer handle rigors and activities of daily living, the department of aging recommends checking in to an assisted living home in the Baltimore area. You can stay close to your family while having more secured and monitored living options. An assisted living home will give patients the care they need in the late stages of their lives.

According to a recent study, the number of individuals who are living in nearly more than 30, 000 facilities for assisted living in the United States had increased to 1.2 million. Most of these residents belong to the group of 80-year old active females who have been transferred from a private living setup to an assisted living home and they have an average yearly income of $30, 000.

But not everyone is given the chance to enjoy the facility and its services in Baltimore. Those who use a wheelchair to move from one place to another, have a severe mental impairment, and individuals who exhibit behavioral problems like wandering were discouraged to stay in this kind of facility. 

For a facility resident, the typical stay will last between 2 to 3 years, and they are being discharged due to the following reasons:

  • Returning to their home
  • Advised for a hospital admission
  • Financial problem
  • Moving to another facility with the same environment and care

While living inside a senior living facility or an assisted living in Baltimore, every resident has the freedom to stay independent and practice their privacy while maximizing their safety, autonomy, and dignity. With this setting, a resident will still be allowed to stay in the facility despite a temporary incapacity or health.

Residents who are showing advanced signs of aging are also allowed to stay as long as the facility can deliver necessary care and services for them. In detail, the resident’s rights are the following:

  • The resident will be treated with respect and dignity
  • The resident can continue practicing their religion
  • The resident has the freedom from abuse
  • The senior resident has the freedom to socialize with people inside and outside the facility
  • The senior resident is entitled to know the receipts of all evaluations of their medical needs and other services related to their health condition
  • The senior resident has control for their finances

These rights are also practiced in some of the senior care facilities in Baltimore County:

  • They can keep pets in small size or play with those pets that were owned by the facility
  • They can entertain guests at day time
  • They can have overnight guests as long as the resident permits

Living Arrangements

Every resident has the right to choose the kind of “home” that they want while living in an assisted living home in Baltimore County. There are different types of apartments available for everyone such as private or semiprivate apartments. Most of these apartments come with an unfurnished or furnished bedroom, a kitchen area, and a bathroom. If a resident wants to live alone, they can choose to live in a one-bedroom apartment or a private studio apartment. But a dormitory-style bedroom arrangement is also ready for those who don’t wish to live on their one.

The Health Care Services

The services of assisted living and health care facilities might differ from each other. But in general, the assisted living services that they could offer include:

  • Support with daily living activities such as eating, toileting, bathing, dressing, etc.
  • Preparation of dining programs that will include a planned three meals per day
  • Educational and recreational activities
  • An emergency call system for both common and private areas
  • Different health services and medical assistance
  • Housekeeping and necessary maintenance services such as laundry
  • Transportation arrangement
  • A 24/7 security program

Before a resident can enjoy these services, he/she and his/her family must undergo a preliminary orientation of the different services that will be provided to the care recipient. An initial assessment of the potential assisted living resident is also administered to determine the various services that he/she will need, and these services will be modified regularly through reevaluating his/her condition. These evaluations must also be presented to the assisted living resident and he/she is entitled to an evaluation copy as reference.

Living Assisted Fees and Payment

The costs of staying in an assisted living establishment in Baltimore County may differ from each facility. In general, as you choose to avail of their services, the fees charged will include the value of the facility and some in-house assistance. A facility may offer a fixed and an all-in monthly assisted living package, but this can be altered if there are additional services that you will avail for you or your loved ones. 

In a standard setup, the monthly fee of an assisted living facility is approximately around $2, 000. Depending on the availability, size, and location of the facility, it can also range between $500 to $3, 500.

Finding the Right Assisted Living Facilities

Now that you have learned some of the important information about the assisted living facility, it’s time to find the right place for your loved ones. You can opt to contact a clergy member, case manager, physician, financial planner, or a social worker to ask and investigate the available facilities in your area. When you are done gathering information about different assisted living facilities, schedule a visit for more than one facility. Through this way, you can compare the comfort and environment of one facility to another and the services that they can offer.