Baltimore Home Nursing Care

What is a Home Care Nurse?

Private nurses are often hired to care for the elderly either in nursing homes or in patients’ houses. In this role, a private nurse will typically help the patient move about, use the toilet, and feed and groom herself, depending on her mental and physical health. A private nurse should demonstrate compassion and empathy, as elderly people may often be suffering from Alzheimer’s or other degenerative illnesses that create confusion and make communication difficult. 

You may think of private nurses as a luxury for the ultra-rich, like a butler or personal chauffeur. But hiring in-house medical care has become an increasingly viable option for regular folks too. You can use a nurse to ease the transition from hospital to home after surgery or a major illness. Visits from a private nurse can help your elderly parent remain in his or her own house safely. 

Care at home can be a less expensive option than an extended stay in a nursing facility.If you’re under 65, chances are you’re on your own; for the most part, group health insurance offers little if any coverage for private nursing care. Your relative’s long-term-care insurance may also provide some coverage, usually $150 to $250 a day (which buys about 10 hours of an aide’s time). Review the policy before you bring someone onboard.

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