Bunny Dachs, MBA

From an early age, I knew I would work in healthcare. As a teen, I spent summers working as a pharmacy technician; as a college student, I majored in healthcare administration.

While earning my master’s degree in business administration with a focus on healthcare, I integrated my professional knowledge into my professional experience. I discovered a knack for efficiency, updating and streamlining outdated and inefficient processes for smoother workflow and better organization. I learned that I relish the challenge of systematic management and planned to put that skill to good use.

As my career traversed a busy family medicine practice and a large nonprofit organization, I spent countless hours with the senior population in several capacities: on delivery routes, in the pharmacy, as a neighbor, friend, and relative.

As I encountered these seniors, I grew to deeply appreciate and value their demographic. I connected with them. I related to them. I gained a profound understanding of their world, along with an enormous sense of respect for them. I was privileged to see firsthand how much we stand to gain from relationships with seniors, who have so much to offer when we take the time to appreciate them. 

My relationship with the seniors also revealed an unfortunate truth: as people age, others around them tend to lose respect – rather than achieve it, like I did – and treat them in an unbefitting, patronizing manner.

I decided to find a group of like-minded people to care for our aging population with admiration and love. Fortunately, my daily schedule provided plenty of inspiration for a business in which I’d be able to utilize both my managerial skills and my passion for healthcare, specifically in the senior population.

Every senior has a story. Every senior is valuable. Every senior is worthy of respect.

That’s the mission of Bunny’s Home Care: to honor the people who deserve it most.